DEWALT TOUGHSYSTEM and TSTAK storage range - ultimate connectivity soloutions featuring DWST83346-1, DWST82968-1, DWST170706, DWST83347-1, DWST83345-1, DWST71228, DWST83343-1, DWST82990-1, 
DWST82991-1, DWST171196, DWST170705, DWST83344-1, DWST171229, DWST83294-1, DWST83342-1, DWST83295-1, DWST83529-1, DWST83293-1, DWST83394-1, DWST175654, DWST83392-1, DWST83522-1, DWST83524-1, DWST83408-1, DWST83407-1, DWST82732-1, DWST08017-1, DWST83470, DWST08330-1, DWST08035-1, DWST17871-1, DWST08061-1

TSTAK vs ToughSystem


Wherever your jobsite we have mobile storage solutions ideal for protecting, organising, and transporting your tools. From the very toughest reinforced units to smart interlocking storage systems, through to portable, heavy-duty fabric bags, we make sure you can move your tools easily, safely and securely.


The ultimate tool storage solution for the toughest and most challenging of environments. The reinforced modular, movable storage system is designed and engineered to last and protect your tools no matter the jobsite or weather conditions. ToughSystem gives you uncompromising toughness and tool protection.


TSTAK products and their interlocking system provide a stackable storage solution for everyday jobsite needs. The ability to combine units to suit your needs lets you quickly and easily stack, store and transport your tools on-site and off.